Relational databases offer great value and continue to be highly relevant for a vast majority of transactional scenarios. However, a growing set of use cases—where performance or horizontal scalability needs or web scale data volumes make traditional RDBMS insufficient or cost-prohibitive—is becoming common. This shift is increasingly pervasive across on-premise and on-cloud deployments. 
A new generation of NoSQL distributed, partition-tolerant, highly scalable class of non-relational data stores has emerged, presenting a unique value proposition and data store alternatives for varied use cases where traditional databases do not score well. 
Jdeeptha Consultancy Big Data practices focus intensively on this solution stack. With varied implementation experience and select partnerships, our expertise covers a complete range of the necessary consulting, solutioning, implementation, and administrative specialization on these NoSQL building blocks. 
NoSQL platform expertise
NoSQL data stores
- MongoDB
- Cassandra
- HBase
- Neo4j
In-memory databases
- Redis
- VoltDB
Cloud-based NoSQL and relational databases
- AWS DynamoDB
- SQL Azure